About Us

Our zen space has been created for you to see how to bring plants into your own home in style. We love helping guide you to achieve our jungalow look.

We have a huge range of indoor and balcony plants, cacti and succulents. Our focus is on easy care plants for your home (additionally great for beginners and office plant babies); whilst also offering plenty of variety for the collectors and serious green thumbs.

We stock a huge range of pots (from small playful ones to large statement pieces), planters and plant stands.

We have in store We The Wild plant care products, and stock our own soil, LECA balls, perlite, sphagnum moss and bamboo plant trellis / trainers.

We love to stock handmade and locally sourced items - things you will not find elsewhere! You will also find vintage bottles and treasures, plenty of handmade earrings (yep, our next obsession after plants!), homewares, picnic blankets and a buckload of gift options (even if on a wee budget!).

Oh ps - yes, we do gift vouchers - click here

DID WE MENTION WE ARE DOG FRIENDLY ... plants, coffee and dogs allowed... We have you covered.