Miniatures and Terrariums Brisbane

It's becoming clear that our love for terrariums in Brisbane has a new companion after our green addition. Our mini, tiny wee things are now a not-so-secret obsession, bringing joy to our shop space with their tiny charm.

offers the most extensive selection of terrariums Brisbane and miniatures. They are ideal for treating yourself, as well as for thoughtful gifts like 'I'm thinking of you,' 'just because,' teacher gifts, and stocking fillers. These pint-sized beauties effortlessly enhance any vignette. Let your creativity run free, indulge in the passion, and scatter these adorable little darlings throughout every corner of your life - simply because they are irresistibly cute!

Continuing with our obsession for miniatures and terrariums in Brisbane, we can’t get enough of our mini plant collection. What makes our pocket-sized plants so special? It's not about fitting them in your pocket - you can't! The real charm lies in creating your own tiny garden even in small spaces. Imagine having your own miniature garden family to cherish and name... Awwww!

Not only do we offer petite plants but our miniature range extends to tea cups, vases, animals and so much more.

Brisbane’s Best Terrariums and Mini Scapes

When it comes to terrariums Brisbane and miniatures, our store is a paradise!
Discover a variety of small plants and tiny treasures to craft your own terrarium. Explore our latest handmade pieces, from bottled fittonias to moss terrariums adorned with handmade mushrooms.
Elevate your plant collection with our statement mini scape pieces. Take a peek at what awaits you:

Local Artists Work Available

The Plant Bunker loves being able to showcase the amazing talents of local artists and their creations. Wander through our array of terrariums, miniatures, and fantastic handmade treasures. Discover a fantastic assortment of gifts, turning The Plant Bunker into a haven for that special someone who adores the unique. Because we certainly do!

From the moment you step inside, you'll be enchanted by a serene realm at The Plant Bunker, where a blend of calm, cool, and creativity awaits. Embrace the free-spirited vibe and eclectic charm of our quirky store, dedicated to celebrating nature, uniqueness, and the world of terrariums in Brisbane. Ever-changing and always evolving, The Plant is your haven for all things terrariums, miniatures, and more.

So if you're exploring Milton, planning your next adventure, or seeking a dose of serotonin with your coffee and cookies, The Plant Bunkers' terrariums in Brisbane and delightful miniatures eagerly await your visit. Don't forget to shower them with compliments - after all, a plant needs more than just water, right?

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